Timket (Epiphany)

Timket, or the Feast of the Epiphany, is celebrated in the January. The 3-day event commemorates the baptism of Christ and is one of the most colorful Ethiopian festivals.

Meskel Celebration

Ethiopia is an old land of towering mountains and deserts and impossibly blue lakes strewn across the grassy highlands like scattered jewels. Man's first beginnings were in the arid lowlands of the Awash

Ethiopian Christmas and Easter

Ledet (Christmas)

Ledet (Christmas) falls on December 29 Ethiopian calendar (January 7 Gregorian calendar). Ledet (Christmas) is celebrated after 43 days fasting known as Tsome Gahad (Advent), with a spectacular procession, which begins at 6 AM and lasts until 9 AM. After the mass service, people go home to break the fast with the meat of chicken or lamb or beef accompanied with injera and the traditional drinks (i.e. tella or tej).